Chemical Manufacture

The manufacturing division manufactures all cleaning chemicals for use by the organization. This includes toilet cleaner , dish washing liquid, tile cleaner, multipurpose cleaning detergent as well as hard surface cleaner and many more. All this is to enhance service delivery in the contract cleaning and specialist cleaning divisions. However, all these chemicals are available for sale to all other parties at very competitive prices. We offer these chemicals in various packaging sizes  depending on the customer’s requirements.  Our factory is located in Bluffhill Industrial Park.

We offer a wide range of these products, which have been grouped into the following 5 categories:

Kitchen & Home                                Floor care                                                               Toilet Care                         

Hygienic Dishwashing Liquid             Hygienic Tile Cleaner                                           Hygienic Toilet Cleaner

Hygienic Handy Andy                          Hygienic Floor Glaze                                             Hygienic Toilet Dip

Hygienic Pine Gel                                  Hygienic Floor Polish                                           Hygienic Passivator

Hygienic Catering Grease Cutter       Hygienic Hard Surface Cleaner

Hygienic Oven Genie                            Hygienic Heavy Duty degreaser

Hygienic Window Cleaner                   Hygienic Concrete Cleaner

Hygienic Multi purpose

Disinfection & Sanitization                        Hand Care

Hygienic Sani Spray                                        Hygienic Hand Sanitizer

Hygienic 5% Hypochlorite                              Hygienic Hand washing liquid

Hygienic 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Hygienic Alcohol Solution

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