Pest Control & Disinfection Services



We offer control of rodents, flies as well as cockroaches, mosquitoes and ants. This service is offered to all sectors whether residential, commercial, industrial as well as health institutions.
This service involves first inspecting the premises and identifying the type of pest and its behaviors. Then it prescribes to clients the best method to contain and control the problem. Either baiting or spraying methods are then used dependent on type of pest.


This service is offered to de- contaminate premises. This can be done as a precautionary measure or where there is a suspected or confirmed case of contamination. Process involves cleaning of premises, spraying as well as damp dusting. Protective wear is worn at all times by our operators. Service can be offer  either as a once-off or  contract basis which can be monthly or quarterly.

Harare Office

 No. 6 Harare Drive, Borrowdale,
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 Unit 3 Bluffhill Industrial Park
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Bulawayo Office

7 Johnson Complex
   23rd & Vanguard Road Belmont
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